It is easy to find Instagram viral hashtags. There are a few ways to determine the trending hashtags for Instagram posts. However, this is not the only method to ascertain the trending #tags. There are many applications and tools which are worth using for finding hashtags. 

Check the explore page on Instagram

An algorithm drives the explore page on Instagram. It is a compilation of reels and posts generated by the type of content you see and also by the accounts you follow. You can view the content based on your interest. Every user does not see the same content on the explore page, it varies with the interests of the users. You can explore hashtags and it is a great place for searching for them, however, you need to explore by yourselves. 

Click on a post and examine its description but it consumes a lot of time. The explore page is a massive booster to reach a wide range of audience. It is achieved by learning and responding to the algorithm. Some factors determine if your content can appear on the explore page. One of the aspects is trending hashtags on Instagram. 

Examine the hashtag autocomplete attribute of Instagram

There is a search engine on Instagram and we can utilize it to explore places, tags, audio, and accounts. Any user can explore hashtags in this search engine based on their interests. When searching the hashtags, the search engine also displays popular and similar hashtags. Moreover, it exhibits those hashtags followed by the people whom you are following. This attribute also suggests popular and famous hashtags that contain millions of posts. However, using a popular hashtag in your content is not a good idea because there is a high chance of the content getting disappeared in the crowd.

Follow proper hashtags

There is an interesting feature where you can track hashtags on Instagram. When you follow and top Instagram posts containing a hashtag will be displayed on the home page. These posts may comprise similar hashtags. This is why it is a powerful way to determine popular and relevant hashtags. Also, it is a good source to discover great content. All you need to do is carefully examine the descriptions of the posts and check if those hashtags suit your content. However, this is a time-consuming process and requires so much attention. 

Check websites that have hashtags listed

Many websites post Instagram hashtags for likes. The list comprises popular hashtags that are widely used by many users. As discussed earlier, it is not a good idea to include them in the description of your Instagram post. 

Types of Hashtags on Instagram

The usage of hashtags varies with your business and market niche. Here are different types of hashtags.

Industry hashtags

Industry hashtags are highly competitive hashtags as they are used frequently by many businesses. They are usually mentioned in the descriptions of millions of posts. 

Niche hashtags

If you want to be more specific to represent your business then use niche tags for high engagement. They are more precise but less famous than industry hashtags. 

Brand Hashtags

Brand Hashtags are used to draw new customers for promoting a service or product. Many businesses create their campaign hashtags and regularly use them to improve their brand awareness. 

Community hashtags

Instagram is a community and community hashtags are more precise than brand and niche hashtags but are less competitive than the above-discussed hashtags. If you are not aware of the hashtags to use then simply explore hashtags in your competitor profiles. Engage actively with posts that comprise community hashtags you want to use by commenting, and tagging with the community.

Location hashtags

If you want users in your locality to discover your posts fast then use location hashtags that are of low competition with high explicitness on your Instagram posts. If you want to reach a wide range of audience, combine location hashtags with niche or industry hashtags.